Snap Inc. and Bixel Exchange Present

Snapchat Sticker
Pack Design Challenge

snap-ghost.pngSnapchat stickers are a fun way to add expression to Snaps and Chats. Every day, Snapchatters can choose from hundreds of colorful stickers designed by Team Snapchat to express their excitement, appreciation, hunger, sleepiness or anything else with a drawing or cartoon. Some stickers can show things like the current temperature, while others can only be used in specific places.

Now, we want to see your designs! Unleash your creativity and design a sticker pack themed around "Best Friends." The student designers of the top 20 most creative Sticker packs win the following:
  • Opportunity to visit Snap Inc. headquarters in Santa Monica for a meet & greet and workshop hosted by the Snapchat design team!
  • A personal unlockable Sticker pack allowing winners to use and share their Sticker designs within the Snapchat app.
  • The chance for their Stickers to be featured and accessible to all Snapchatters within the Snapchat application! For clarity, Snap Inc. will have sole discretion to decide whether to feature and make accessible the Stickers to all Snapchatters within the Snapchat application and makes no promises or guarantees that any Stickers will actually be featured and made accessible therein.
  • Individuals whose designs are selected will be required to sign a permission slip and release giving Snap Inc. the rights to the Sticker design in order to attend the workshop.

Important Dates

April 12, 2019: Final day to submit designs.

April 15-26, 2019:
Judging round.

May 1, 2019: Winners are notified via phone and email using the contact information provided at entry. If a winner does not respond within three days, that winner may be disqualified and an alternate winner may be selected from the Round One Finalists.

May 29, 2019: Workshop at Snap Inc. headquarters. Dinner and snacks will be provided.




  • Students enrolled in Los Angeles area high schools and community colleges.
  • One entry per person; an entry is considered EIGHT designed stickers. Submissions of more or less than EIGHT stickers will be disqualified.
  • Individual submissions only; no teams.
  • Design must be original; fully owned by student; no use of third party brands or logos.

Voting Criteria
All submissions will be voted upon by a group of judges using the below equally weighted (20 percent) criteria:

  • Legibility: When designs scale small to fit the mobile phone, how well can you see the design? Are all designs and text easy to read?
  • Clear Expression: Does the design do a good job in clearly depicting the Sticker idea? Does it do a good job focusing on the main idea and leaving out unnecessary details?
  • Originality: How original and unique is the Sticker design?
  • Creativity: How creative is the Sticker design?
  • Usability: How useful is the Sticker in helping express its intended message? Is the Sticker easy to use? Is it broad enough that it can be used in various situations? Is it relatable?

Judging Rounds
The “Finalists” are the top 50 sticker packs, selected by members of Bixel Exchange according to the voting criteria described above.

The “Winners” are the top 20 sticker packs, selected by Snapchat designers according to the voting criteria described above.


Formatting & Submission Info

  • 400 x 400px and under 100KB.
  • On a transparent background.
  • Designs can be created using Illustrator or Photoshop but must be submitted as a PNG file.
  • Submit final designs to
  • In the body of your email include your name, high school or community college, teacher's name, email address, telephone number and age.
  • Include a signed copy of the consent agreement below.


  • The 20 student winners will get to visit Snap Inc. HQ in Santa Monica, CA, where they will meet with and receive design advice from Snapchat designers!
  • Transportation by car service HopSkipDrive to and from Snap Inc. provided by Snap Inc. to winners who are under 18 years old. Transportation by Uber to an from Snap Inc. provided by Snap Inc. to winners who are 18 years old or older. Additional information on transportation will be provided to winners at later time.
  • Winners are invited to attend the workshop at Snap Inc. on May 29, 2019, at the times indicated by Snap Inc. No makeup dates or alternate prizes will be awarded.
  • Winners will need to complete, sign, and return a permission slip to visit Snap Inc. by May 17, 2019.

Get Inspired!
Sometimes stickers say more than words. Take a photo or video Snap. Then tap the  snapchat_stickericon.png  in the top-right corner of the Snap preview screen to explore our stickers for inspiration! You can also view sticker examples by visiting and searching for stickers. Here is a link to a presentation to help with inspiration and suggestions for your design.


Consent Agreement

To enter the Snapchat Sticker Pack Design Challenge, please sign the Consent Agreement available through the button below, and email a copy of the signed Consent Agreement, the information requested in the "Formatting & Submission Info" section and the EIGHT stickers designed by you to


Questions? Email