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Startup LAunch Spotlight On...
Sherry Soliman, Co-Founder, Choisi

Sherry Soliman found it difficult to discover new independent designers and fashion items that matched her personal style. The task was tedious and time-consuming, which made her shopping experience frustrating.

"As I researched the issue further, I learned that independent designers are unable to gain the necessary exposure to reach the right customers. Essentially, they are drowning in the midst of big brands with huge PR and marketing budgets. This means they have no idea whether their next collection will sell, which puts them at a significant financial risk and can cause many to simply close up shop. When these designers cannot thrive, this ends up stifling creativity in the fashion industry and consumers miss out on discovering amazing new talent and unique fashion items."

That's why Sherry founded Choisi, an online marketplace with recent features in Fashion, Madmotive and Wearme Fashion Magazines.

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About Choisi

Choisi is a luxury fashion marketplace powered by artificial intelligence. Their aim is to create an innovative way to purchase fashion straight from independent designers, while allowing users to discover and shop the latest fashion from the world's most unique designers. By using AI, they help designers gain more exposure and get their products in front of the right customers. Their visual AI technology, which extracts features, such as shape, pattern and color, in combination with machine learning, allows Choisi to recommend designers that are most relevant to that particular user.


We talked to Sherry about her experience as a Startup LAunch entrepreneur:

Biggest challenge:
I think one of the hardest challenges was trying to focus on just one core product. We started with a specific vision for our company and we had so many great ideas and a lot of features we wanted to implement. The process was so overwhelming and we weren't making any real progress. It was difficult to drill down to one key feature, but getting to the real core service we wanted to provide helped us build our initial product and push forward.

Advice for fellow entrepreneurs:
I've learned that you absolutely have to surround yourself with the right people who believe in your vision and are going to be there during the struggles. It's so crucial to be able to share the hardships faced and to bounce ideas off of each other. Having that support system has helped me keep going even when I wanted to just give up during the dark times.

Your favorite part of Bixel Exchange?
My favorite part of Bixel Exchange has been the access to so many different resources and events. By sending out a list of resources and events I can quickly find out what is relevant to me without having to spend precious hours researching online. I feel that I would have missed out on numerous opportunities had I not been a part of Bixel Exchange. I also like that Bixel Exchange fosters a strong sense of community. It's really important to be able to connect with other entrepreneurs who are sharing the same struggles and can offer advice and support.

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