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Startup LAunch Spotlight On...
Amit Thakkar, Founder, LawMaker

Amit Thakkar never intended to be a tech entrepreneur, but tooled around with the idea as a hobby.

"I never thought I had the skills to launch a tech company. I figured many others would have had the same idea and it was only a matter of time before someone else executed it better than I ever could. Eight years passed, and politics was getting worse and worse. I realized that I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t at least try to change our political system for the better."

Amit wrote the first strategic plan for LawMaker in 2007. He originally focused on building an educational app, but realized that pure education wasn’t sufficient motivation to get enough people to download the app. He pivoted to focus on the policy crowdsourcing platform that is now the core engine of LawMaker.

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About LawMaker

LawMaker makes engaging in politics productive, impactful and fun. Too many voters feel politics has become too negative, and that the time they spend engaging in politics has no impact because elected officials only listen to lobbyists and special interests. LawMaker aims to change that. LawMaker is the first platform that gives voters the power to crowdsource new public policies and build a coalition of voters to help turn their ideas into laws. LawMaker is a free lobby for the lobbyless, and its mission is to level the playing field in our democracy.

LawMaker launches in August 2017. Do you have an idea for a law you’d like to see in your city, state or in our nation? LawMaker would love to help you start building a coalition to support this change!

Email to let us know what policy you’d like to propose, or sign up to be notified of LawMaker's launch at!

We talked to Amit about his experience as a Startup LAunch entrepreneur:

Biggest challenge:
There are a lot of people in the startup ecosystem who are willing to waste your time. Time is one of the most valuable things we have. Each hour has an opportunity cost, especially when you’re juggling a job and a startup. I learned to trust my gut and not waste my time meeting with people who didn’t seem seriously interested in supporting LawMaker’s mission.

Advice for fellow entrepreneurs:
Your team is everything. Years ago, I had a couple of false starts with people who had the skills I needed to grow this company, but showed themselves early on to have a different moral compass, work ethic or motivation. Those differences posed challenges early on and we ended up wasting a lot of time without accomplishing much, before finally parting ways.

Your favorite part of Bixel Exchange?
Advisors Doug Korte and Lindsey Heisser carve time out of their busy schedules to speak with me every week. They listen to any issues we’re facing and are always thinking of constructive solutions. But they also follow up on topics we don’t bring up – they anticipate issues that will come down the road six to 12 months ahead, making sure that we’re being forward-thinking.

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