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Startup LAunch Spotlight On...
Adriana Tavares-Torresan, Founder & CEO, Lupn, Inc.

"The idea happened when my son started kindergarten and I was overwhelmed with communications via emails, phone calls, paper, social media and websites. While doing competitive analysis, I soon realized that this idea could have a wide range of applications, and the city of Glendale, CA, accepted to run the pilot test."

That's how Lupn, Inc., the only resident-centered city app with a comprehensive community calendar and a focus on the local movement and economy, began. Lupn was recently awarded Best Pivot at Glendale Tech Week for their industry pivot from education to government.

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About Lupn, Inc.

Lupn, Inc. brings together events from the local government and partners into a single place, helping residents to stay local and get connected with their communities. The app's mission is to reduce information overload and simplify people’s lives by assembling and organizing content in an effective and sustainable way.


We talked to Adriana about her experience as a Startup LAunch entrepreneur:

Biggest challenge:
The only constant we have in the startup process is "challenge." They change as the idea, product and company matures. That is the reason why Bixel Exchange is so valuable, because they have provided us with a wide range of learning and support opportunities during this journey.

Advice for fellow entrepreneurs:
I've been working full-time on Lupn for a little over a year and the amount of knowledge I have accumulated is amazing … but the one lesson I would mention is customer development. Understanding your target group, their needs and where they spend money is key for a successful business.

Your favorite part of Bixel Exchange?
Bixel Exchange provides a wide range of support, from the diverse adviser backgrounds to the meetings and references shared. Bixel Exchange advisers are very experienced and provided me with great support and guidance.

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