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Matt Pell, Co-Founder, Lead Designer & CEO, The Burg

After the turmoil of the 2016 presidential election, The Burg was created to tackle the issue of low voter turnout, especially at the local level. "How is it that we live in the 'connected' age, yet we've never been more disconnected in our cities?," says founder and CEO Matt Pell.

The Burg recently released a nonpartisan Ballot Info Tool, where users can learn everything about their ballot in a clean, nonpartisan format and even select how they plan to vote. The new feature also provides specific polling locations and rideshare options.

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About The Burg

The Burg's mission is to solve the problem of why it's difficult and dull to learn about, let alone vote in L.A. The app funnels local information (local news, soapboxes, events, ballot information, etc.) and access to representatives and community organizations directly to the voters and residents of L.A. County.

We talked to Matt about his experience as a Startup LAunch entrepreneur:

Biggest challenge:
It is quite difficult to get people to believe that not only could this work, but that it could be a real business. The days of Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks asking people to vote in a video are over. They aren't inspiring. We must try a new recipe, and it's tough getting people to buy in to ours.

Advice for fellow entrepreneurs:
An undeniable, irrefutable amount of willpower and belief in the vision is crucial towards building something. It is nearly impossible to properly paint the picture of how hard it is to start something, and I highly advise anyone and everyone to emphasize the importance of your mental and physical health. It's a marathon, not a race.

Your favorite part of Bixel Exchange?
Bixel Exchange really helped us refine our problem, and let us take a step back and see The Burg from a bigger picture.

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