Bixel Exchange Tech Update – June 6, 2019

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b1_Cornerstone.jpgBixel Exchange and Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation announce "WorkforceReady"

On May 28, Bixel Exchange and Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) Foundation announced a new pilot initiative aimed at solving the tech skills and experience gap, WorkforceReady. This free, online-learning program is designed to help job seekers build the foundational skills required to be successful in today’s work environment. The program will offer short, online courses for students to develop essential, non-technical skills needed in a professional work environment. Bixel Exchange will be piloting this platform with a pool of lucky interns, eventually rolling it out to all of our L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline program participants. To kick off this new partnership, on June 3-5, the team attended CSOD's annual Cornerstone Convergence Conference in San Diego. During the conference, CSOD raised donations from conference attendees to help fund our mission to connect underrepresented talent to opportunities. We can’t thank the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation team enough for all their support! This collaboration will enable us to scale our impact and help more of our students to continue to unlock their potential!



b2_snapchat.jpgTop 20 Snapchat Sticker Pack Design Challenge finalists workshop at Snap Inc.

On May 29, Bixel Exchange and Snap Inc. invited the top 20 student winners of our 2019 Snapchat Sticker Pack Design Challenge to Snap’s creative offices in Santa Monica. The students, all from L.A. area high schools and community colleges, received one-on-one mentoring from Snap designers to develop their design skills and expose them to creative tech careers. Each student had a different take on what "Best Friends" – this year’s challenge theme – meant to them and they had an opportunity to develop their creative ideas from thoughts, to sketches and into a final digital design. At the end of the workshop, Snap surprised the 20 winners with the opportunity to add their Best Friend Sticker Pack to Snapchat for them to share with their very own best friends! All the students received encouragement to follow their creative endeavors, whether pursuing a career in digital, visual and media arts or just continuing to develop their artistic skills. We wish the winning students the best of luck and we can’t wait to see what they do next!



b3_coworking.jpgThanks to all who attended MVP May Coworking Day!

On May 30, Bixel’s Startup LAunch Tech SBDC held another joint coworking day with our L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline team. The series has seen great success as we travel across L.A. to reach new communities and help more startups. Twenty new startups joined the orientation, and the event featured two workshops, six advisors, 20 one-on-one advising sessions and a great "Gift & Ask" session spearheaded by our amazing startup founders. Two advisors from our Money Team, Adam Chapnick and Sebastian De Vivo, lead a messaging workshop where startup founders had the chance to practice their elevator pitch, learning how to refine their message to get to the "Wow! How?!" factor, crucial for any startup trying to raise money. Cross Campus provided everyone who attended with a special perk: $99 for the first month for a Hot Desk Membership. Thank you Cross Campus DTLA for hosting and Grid110 for bringing together a great community! Join us for the next coworking day on June 27.



b4_Boingo.jpgL.A. Tech Talent Pipeline and Boingo Wireless host technical interviews

On May 23, Boingo Wireless hosted L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline students for a day of mock technical interviews. The interviews were geared toward software engineers and coders who need to prepare for the pressure of presenting their thinking process in front of an interview panel. Boingo Wireless software engineers shared their knowledge with the students by preparing for real-world technical interview questions, how to set up before coding and how to work through a solution on a white board. For the students, this was the time to make mistakes, ask questions and develop their communication skills with the guidance from seasoned IT employees.



b5_CAMEO.jpgBixel Exchange joins CAMEO for Advocacy Day

On June 4, Startup LAunch Operations & Community Coordinator Elianne Rodriguez joined CAMEO at their first annual Advocacy Day. More than 40 small business leaders from across the state convened on inclusive entrepreneurship, economic development and lending practices. "The best part of Advocacy Day is being able to share stories about founders and showcasing the strength and valuable role small businesses play in the economy."



b6_HelloAdvisr.jpgFREE resource for businesses, startups and freelancers

Do you need help with your pricing strategy? Whether you are a startup, growing business or a freelancer, a pricing strategy is vital to your growth and sustainability in a competitive market. Our friends at HelloAdvisr just launched a new e-book, "How To Design A High-Impact Pricing Strategy." The book guides entrepreneurs and businesses to design a pricing strategy geared toward business goals, and features key success factors to get the most out of your pricing strategy, case studies and more. Download the free book.



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Upcoming Events

LATINA Style Business Series
June 14 | 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

LATINA Style, Inc. will host the 21st Annual LATINA Style Business Series Tour on Friday, June 14. More than 36,000 Latina entrepreneurs and professionals have benefited from their participation in this dynamic and ground-breaking business program. Chamber President & CEO Maria S. Salinas will be recognized with the Pioneer of the Year Award at the event.

  Joint Education & Workforce Development and Innovation & Technology Council
June 14 | 10 - 11:30 a.m.

Learn more about where California currently stands with the computer science implementation effort, the current need to mobilize support for implementation and its implications to our education system and the business community. The Chamber's Education & Workforce Development Council will hold this session in partnership with the Innovation & Technology Council.

June 19 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Designed to celebrate, inspire and support businesses across the L.A. region, BIZCON SoCal is a full-day business development conference and networking event convening more than 400 entrepreneurs and business professionals from across the region for a full-day exchange of ideas, resources, connections and inspiration. Startup LAunch’s top advisors will be at the event providing one-on-one advice to grow your business during "Bixelerate Your Business."

  Bixel Exchange June Coworking Day
June 27 | 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Join our Startup LAunch Tech SBDC for a coworking day on June 17! Feel free to bring a +1 who might be interested in joining the program. Bixel Exchange’s coworking days, held every last Thursday of the month, encourage founders to share knowledge, resources, support and community.


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