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    Our Partners


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    What's with the icons?

    While being recognized as a tech hub may be a relatively new concept for L.A., being a driver of innovation is a long-standing tradition. As we looked at building the Bixel Exchange brand, we wanted to both celebrate our city's innovative history, as well as look forward to it's future as a vibrant technology center.  With that, we've built a brand that gives a nod to our innovative legacy by highlighting a few of the industries, innovations and everyday items that got their start here in L.A.

    Innovations in Los Angeles

    BixelExchange-Red-Satellite.pngSatellite – the first field Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys began around Los Angeles in the mid 1980s.

    BixelExchange-Blue-Camera.pngCamera – With a world-wide reputation as "Tinseltown,"  L.A. got it's start in the film industry with the establishment of Hollywood's first film studio in 1911. Shortly thereafter, the first feature-length movie was directed by Cecil B.DeMille in Los Angeles.

    BixelExchange-green-rocket.pngRocket - The era of aviation and aerospace exploration took flight in Los Angeles when, in 1910, the first international air meet in the United States opened. Over 225,000 visitors – spectators and pilots – came to Los Angeles.

    BixelExchange-Red-Guitar.pngGuitar - The first electrical guitar was invented in Los Angeles by George Beauchamp. Commercial production started in late summer of 1932 by the Ro-Pat-In Corporation which was a partnership between Beauchamp, Paul Barth and Adolph Rickenbacker.

    BixelExchange-Blue-FortuneCookie.pngFortune Cookie – Typically recognized as Chinese treat, the fortune cookie was actually invented by Seiichi Kito, a Japanese American living in Los Angeles' East First Street district. Today, Kito's bakery, Fugetsu-Do, is the oldest food purveyor

    BixelExchange-Green-WiFi.pngWiFi - The birth of the Internet occurred in Leonard Kleinrock's UCLA laboratory when his Host computer became the first node of the Internet in September 1969 and it was from there that he directed the transmission of the first message to pass over the Internet on Oct. 29, 1969.

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